Most definitions of gratitude or gratefulness seem like last years faded thanksgiving memories.  They associate it with a sort of reverent thankfulness and miss the deeper meaning, power and excitement of what gratitude really means and what it can do to bring you mountains of happiness and joy.

Gratitude is love. Attitude is a way of being. The attitude of gratitude is a way of living that comes from a place of limitless love for yourself and for others.

This makes everyday living a very happy thing as we attract more good to ourselves and others.  Many people refer to this as the Law of Attraction. Gratitude shores us up when difficult life events hit us personally.  It is also a powerful tool to bring bliss in the good times.


5 New Ideas About the Attitude of Gratitude

It becomes a way of living, day in, day out. It is not a magic lamp that is pulled out in times of need, rubbed, then put back away again to be used later. You have to be genuine. The great news is that people who practice living this way live happier lives filled with abundance.

1. Right Here, Right Now

Forget multi-tasking. Be in this moment. Be fully present. Do one thing at a time. Be okay with not doing anything. Thinking is highly over-rated. Most people are so busy thinking about what is or is not happening, or how much more they have to do, that they don’t look around and notice what’s happening right now. But there is no past, no future moment. There is only this moment. Right here, right now. We are either happy and embrace this moment or we are unhappy and wanting for this moment to pass so the next moment will arrive.

2. Honor Your Life

Stop comparing your life to everyone else’s. There is only one you and therefore any “standard” of comparison is irrelevant, arbitrary and completely unscientific. The only comparison that makes sense is are we doing better than we did yesterday? The only person we can change is ourselves. By changing ourselves, we become a better person. Silently, we lead by example. When asked for advice, we don’t offer it. Instead, we share our experience. Anyone can argue with an opinion, but no one can argue with what your personal experience has been. Besides, sharing your experience is sharing wisdom. You are not telling them they must do what you have done, but allowing them to draw their own conclusions. If they are wise, they will see to get what you have, they must do what you’ve done. Whatever the mind focuses on, magnifies. With the attitude of gratitude as our framework, it’s easy to keep our focus on our own improvement.

Using the Attitude of  Gratitude / To Do List to list the 5 things you’re grateful for each day helps to keep you in this place of humility in action. Writing out your to do list in the 3 major areas of your life, God/Spirit, Work/School, Home, you’ll quickly be able to see what things you already know you can handle on your own and those things you have know idea about. This is where without the list we lose our connection with the Now. By writing them down, we can “set it and forget it”, by turning them over to our Higher Power, God, or the Universe, whomever or whatever you choose to call it.

Let’s say you have an electric bill coming up. You owe several hundred dollars and you don’t have it. You have no idea  where you’re going to get it either. This is the perfect item to “turn over” to your HP. Put a capital “G” next to that item for “God” (or use any letter or acronym that makes sense to you). Next when you write down the description for what the item is, you might want to utilize “Lofty Questons” to give the Universe exactly what it is you’re looking for in an answer. A question like “Why did this bill get paid AND I still have money left over for other things?” In a sense, because the Universe has to answer, the money for the electric bill will be provided and there will be money left over for other things.

Don’t believe it’s true? Well the good news is that you don’t have to believe. I didn’t. Just be willing to test it out for two weeks. Then write us with your results on facebook or send us an email here at

3. The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is often misunderstood and therefore some people get results while others become disillusioned by the notion that it’s possible.

Let’s start by looking at the definition. The law of attraction is the name given to the maxim “like attracts like” which in New Thought philosophy is used to sum up the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life. (Wikipedia 2016: The idea being that thoughts either positive or negative have energy, one can use their thoughts to make things happen.

Good things are always happening to people who are grateful. Being grateful is synonymous with love and positivity. This higher vibration attractions and returns things that are also of this same vibration.  You’re happy, living in the Now, things are good, you’re putting out this energy, and remarkable things of the same high vibration are jetting their way towards you right this moment.

Gratitude attracts more of that which you are grateful for and deeply desire. Be grateful for all that you have and know that all your needs are already taken care of by your Higher Power. Gratitude attracts exactly what you desire and allows you to receive it quickly (for more information see from Abraham/Hicks.

The trick is to be very specific and to know what and how to say it.

4. Be in Love With Now.

The special key to learning to accept everything that you already have (good or not so great) is to love the present moment – all of it – and you’re okay with that. You turn over everything you can’t control to the Universe. All things you can do, you get busy and get those things done. You drop resentments and forgive freely, even if the other person harmed you first. This will put you in a place where you feel calm and relaxed, which is the state for seeing, hearing and experiencing life’s most precious gifts – a deep connection to “All That Is”. This is a high, spiritual vibration. Animals sense it and will be attracted to you. Children as well. Strangers will respond to you as you say “hello” or “good morning” unexpectedly to them.

5. Gratitude and Letting Go

Just how does one develop gratitude? It’s already inside of you. It’s not something you need to go out and get. Rather, it’s something you have instant access to by connecting to all that is within in you. Gratitude is love. The attitude part simply means a way of living. The attitude of gratitude is a way of living a loving life. Being kind and loving to all.

Being grateful means letting go of all resistance. Gratitude allows you to understand you at a deeper spiritual level so you have a deeper understanding about the path to come. It doesn’t mean that you know everything, but it does heighten your confidence level that everything is going to turn out okay and that you can relax, knowing that you’ve turned everything you can’t control over to your Higher Power or the Universe and that with Him, all things are possible.

It is us that are the ones that limit life and our own potential.