Child Praying - Gratefulness in Prayer

Child Praying - Gratefulness in Prayer


Mary Cook, M.A., R.A.S.

Humility is not viagra canada self-deprecation, impoverishment, shame or humiliation.  It is not codependence, inferiority or passivity.  Neither is it lack of personal caretaking or responsibility.  Humility is recognizing that we see a tiny fraction of ourselves and life, and that everything is much greater than our physical senses and human awareness indicate.  Humility is believing that there is a deeper dimension in spirit, and that higher consciousness can lead us there.

Humility means that we remain curious, open-minded and teachable, and thus in a process of continual growth.  As divine creations, we have a responsibility to honor, respect and care for ourselves, each other and our planet.  Humility means that we do not take more than we need, and we willingly share what we have. We all have a profound effect on one another and we choose whether it will be positive or negative.  As the earth, its elements and atmosphere enable plants, animals and humans to survive, humility engages us to protect and nurture our precious resources and each other.

Humility means that we do not seek to control people nor our God, for that entraps us in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual sickness, and removes our ability to fulfill our soul’s purpose.  Our minds, hearts and bodies inform us of earthly life and we seek harmony and balance in our actions.  The fullness of our presence deepens our awareness of each unfolding moment.  We witness and respond to the whole of life with caring consideration and wonder, knowing that this is a process of perpetual discovery and evolution.  We understand that although we are a tiny part of the world, our presence has an important ripple effect on the planet.  Our soul sees the blessings and miracles of each moment and leads us into the humble and holy purpose of our lives.

Pain Comes From Feelings of Separation

Lone woman in pond

Lone woman in pondPain

Pain comes from feelings of separation.  We feel separated from that which we think will bring us happiness, health and fulfillment.  We believe that our inner world holds pain and the outer world possibilities of pleasure.  We listen to our human mind as if it is our God.  We fear that our soul wishes us to live a meager, stoically disciplined existence.  We think power lies in money, manipulation and brute force.  We place our hope in the external world over which we are powerless.  We act as if life is a competitive race, and yet we are only running away from ourselves.


Life feels heavy because we carry the weight of the past and project it onto the future.  We are everywhere except in this one precious moment of now.  Our human minds cannot create goals without fears.  Nor can they create solutions without making new problems.  Our cravings for people, places and things delay our journey in the light of spiritual truth.  It is the surrender of human willfulness in favor of divine will that creates a foundation for the highest good.  When we listen to ourselves and others from our hearts, we feel our soul connection to all of life.  When we recognize that we are all family of divine birthright, the “golden rule” is easy to live, and its’ inherent mutual benefits are obvious.


Our inner world holds hidden pain waiting to be healed and liberated.  Our inner world holds pleasure ready to burst forth behind the buried pain.  Our soul invites us to make full positive use of every gift and talent that we have, and to receive and experience all of the miracles and blessings our God wishes to give us.  True power lies in spiritual love.  Once we fully face ourselves in this present moment, with nothing else on our mind, we know the beauty, glory and grace of this life.

False Self and Soul


False Self and Soul

Mary Cook, M.A., R.A.S.

False Self and SoulThe flowers’ face turns easily and effortlessly to the sun, thereby receiving warmth, nourishment and strength.  God sends love and light to all of us, saintly and sick, ignorant and wise, without discrimination.  Just as there are barriers to the sun, which prevent plants from receiving its rays, we have obstacles in ourselves and in our lives, which disturb conscious awareness of God’s gifts to us.  Problems and pain arise when the flow of divine love is blocked.  Significant interactions, especially in childhood, which fail to actively demonstrate spirituality, trigger self-doubt and unworthiness.  Defenses and adaptations to painful experiences create a false sense of self, which continues to attract similar stressful themes.  These reinforcing experiences can lead us further away from our heavenly heritage and toward a search for fulfillment in areas that will ultimately betray us and leave us feeling empty.

We are tempted by what promises quick, easy “fixes” for pain, problems and lack of purpose.  We are easily addicted to alcohol and other drugs, sugary, salty and fatty foods, compulsive shopping, sex and gambling, mania, money, numbing, power, prestige and violence.  Our focus is on our five senses, our false self, and a society that disguises abuse, cruelty, dishonesty, greed and exploitation of the earth and its inhabitants, as progress, efficiency and ironically the improvement of humanity.

And yet, as human beings, we commonly devalue, exploit and waste what we acquire in abundance or never lose.  Perhaps to fully appreciate and demonstrate the highest love in this life, we must experience specific challenges, obstacles and even traumas, before reclaiming the treasure of divinity within us.  Sufficient negative personal experience and significant pain is generally required before we re-consider who we are and how we are living.  Habits and defenses that offer even the illusion of temporary comfort are generally not abandoned without a long and difficult struggle.  Given these factors, perhaps pain, problems, and the betrayal of all of the habits that we believed would help us, are needed to ultimately motivate us to align with our spiritual being.

We can ask ourselves in any moment of action, feeling, speech or thought, if we are coming from our false self or our soul.  The answer is easy to discern.  False self attempts to conquer, and creates chaos, conflicts, confusion and division.  Soul is profoundly peaceful, loving, understanding and wise.  False self uses anger and fear to amplify selfishness and willfulness.  Soul uses gentleness, gratitude, humility and open-mindedness to enlarge its giving.  False self nurses pride to hide self-hate and dwells in self-pity to avoid accountability.  Soul does not judge us and reminds us that errors are to be used as opportunities for learning, healing and growth.  False self blames, condemns and hates.  Soul tells us that there is really nothing to defend or struggle against.  False self has constant cravings, while soul is in a perpetual state of grace and fulfillment.  We can learn from the consequences of our decisions and actions what it is that promotes emotional, mental and physical well being.  Negative energies take us further from our divine essence and positive energies bring us closer.  We have free will to choose our path and change our path at any time.  False self uses the mind to give us worldly knowledge for this life.  Soul uses the heart to help us understand higher truths, which give us the keys to Heaven.

We can use our daily experiences to become more mindful of our true internal state and of what we are learning in our environment.  Prayer, meditation and communion with our heart can help us to integrate this life with our soul’s purpose.  The more we focus on that which keeps us aligned with God, and actively demonstrate spiritual principles, the more of Heaven we bring to earth.  Being a positive example of a human being is not easy or effortless.  Yet our evolution and flowering is worth the time and devotion.  We must identify all of the ways in which we keep ourselves in shadows, and one by one, remove these obstacles to our enlightenment.  The more darkness we surrender, the more we feel divine warmth, nourishment and strength flowing through us.  An abundance of blessings awaits us as we increasingly open our hearts to the loving spirit of God within us and within everything around us.