For Grace or From Grace

Coming from grace and gratitudeIt’s a funny thing for those of us practicing the Grace of Gratitude in our daily lives. We want Grace and ease of living daily. As beginners we may feel we have to DO some things, many things, in fact, in order to receive Grace. So we tend to DO a lot of things for Grace. We pray, we meditate, we help others, we are kind, we are patient and lots of other little things so we can obtain Grace. I’m not discounting these things we DO. They’re all great ways to get on track, to keep us centered and balanced and healthy.

But truthfully, doing things for Grace is short lived. Our ego tends to keep busy, because that’s how the ego survives. Busyness. A distraction from Being. Our ego says we must DO “fill in the blank ________” for Grace. But, Being is different. It is silence. It is all that Is. It is knowing profoundly that we are coming From Grace. We already are Grace. When we immerse ourselves in the notion that we are already living in Grace, every thing we DO after that is coming From Grace. Imagine the power of every action you take if it’s coming From Grace! Imagine every thought you think comes From Grace! Imagine how safe you feel, knowing God’s Grace is holding you every moment of every day and night.

When we’re starting this practice we have to learn that we are so very loved and that we are made in the image of God. That we’re already blessed. That we’re already good in God’s eyes. That we already have everything we need to live in Grace daily. We don’t have to DO anything. We just have to BE ourselves, looking at each day, each minute each hour through grateful eyes and hearts and minds. When we do this, we discover the many gifts we’re given at any moment.

When we mature a little bit spiritually, we recognize that we are loved beyond measure by Spirit. We are part of this Divine Spark on this planet. We are given this body on a planet zipping through space just because we are loved. Just because of Love and Grace, God gave us life.

For me, coming From Grace, is sitting on a front porch swing, sipping sweet tea and watching fireflies dancing in the dark. It is feeling supported and loved, every minute. Feeling that love, so much greater than I can imagine, gives me the opportunity to appreciate all that I have in my life. Family, friends, loves, creativity, joy, happiness are right in front of me when I’m coming from Grace.

If I don’t realize I’m a Divine Spark of God, part of something much bigger than I can even imagine, I get frightened, sad, lonely, angry and tired. So very tired of trying to do things for a Love, For Grace that is already mine to enjoy. The ego is tricky. The reality many of us live in ego, is anything BUT reality. It’s grasping for something that is already here.

So, the gratitude you practice today, magically puts you into the place of coming From Grace. You can see the abundance of God’s gifts to you every.single.moment. That’s the reality. A few moments of silence throughout the day, listening to God, and then feeling the gratitude bubbling over spontaneously is a wonderful gift. Let yourself start coming From Grace and enjoy the ride!

Find Your Inner Peace to Build Your Outer Peace

If you ever argued about anything, then you know that a happy-ending requires the two of you to communicate until you reach a resolution where both parties feel heard and understood…so peace can be restored. Only and until you both get satisfied in some way, do you walk away with some consideration of peace. Or do you?

If you ever had an argument where you received no satisfaction from the result, then you probably know what it feels like to be resentful, angry, agitated, and discarded. But what if it doesn’t have to be that way? Continue reading “Find Your Inner Peace to Build Your Outer Peace”

Wounded Warriors


Wounded Warriors

By Mary Cook, M.A., R.A.S.

SunsetAddicts enter recovery as wounded warriors with unhealed traumas and deprivations, and swords and shields that they hope will protect them from further suffering.  But the war is inside; between the defenses and dysfunction in the mind, and the heart pleading for mercy and grace, between the poisons in the body, and the spirit longing for peace and joy.

And the fear of letting go of all that we identify as ourselves and our lives is terrifying.  And the fear of facing all the wounds that we sustained and perpetrated, is overwhelming.  And the depth of the unknown truth, and absolute mystery of the next moment is incomprehensible.  And the experience of being helpless, exposed and vulnerable stimulates all past trauma and pain.

Yet recovery offers a warm welcome into a fellowship where we are safe and surrounded by a state of grace, much greater that the war and fear within us.  Everyone has value here and everyone has something to give.  We learn that hope arises from helping others and peace arises from practicing patience.  Healing is offered in exchange for swords.  Courage is offered in exchange for shields.  The pain of our defects and destructiveness now motivates us to serve the greater good in life.

We see how we are not separate from life but interwoven into the whole fabric of life.  Each moment holds magnificent possibilities of learning, of letting go, of growing, and of being.  We begin to feel our connection to the Source of pure goodness and mercy, and align our mind, heart, body and spirit to this truth.  The greater vision is not war, but compassionate cooperation.  The greater vision is not fear, but faith that we all can generously and joyfully contribute to the highest good for all of life.