Lone woman in pondPain

Pain comes from feelings of separation.  We feel separated from that which we think will bring us happiness, health and fulfillment.  We believe that our inner world holds pain and the outer world possibilities of pleasure.  We listen to our human mind as if it is our God.  We fear that our soul wishes us to live a meager, stoically disciplined existence.  We think power lies in money, manipulation and brute force.  We place our hope in the external world over which we are powerless.  We act as if life is a competitive race, and yet we are only running away from ourselves.


Life feels heavy because we carry the weight of the past and project it onto the future.  We are everywhere except in this one precious moment of now.  Our human minds cannot create goals without fears.  Nor can they create solutions without making new problems.  Our cravings for people, places and things delay our journey in the light of spiritual truth.  It is the surrender of human willfulness in favor of divine will that creates a foundation for the highest good.  When we listen to ourselves and others from our hearts, we feel our soul connection to all of life.  When we recognize that we are all family of divine birthright, the “golden rule” is easy to live, and its’ inherent mutual benefits are obvious.


Our inner world holds hidden pain waiting to be healed and liberated.  Our inner world holds pleasure ready to burst forth behind the buried pain.  Our soul invites us to make full positive use of every gift and talent that we have, and to receive and experience all of the miracles and blessings our God wishes to give us.  True power lies in spiritual love.  Once we fully face ourselves in this present moment, with nothing else on our mind, we know the beauty, glory and grace of this life.