When it comes to getting moving, motivation is the number one thing standing in most people’s way. For most of us, when we think about how we need to get off the couch and actually move our body for any amount of time, we are immediately overcome with a flurry of negative self-talk. I’m not good enough. I don’t know where to start. I’ll never be able to get to where I want my body to be.

The idea that it takes a certain amount of motivation to get something done is purely a myth. Sure, you might need motivation to if you want to run a marathon. You might need motivation if you want to complete an Iron Man competition. Or even if you want to climb a mountain. But for most of us, those things just aren’t in our scope of desire for what we want out of life. Most of us just want to be a little leaner, feel a little lighter, and breathe a little easier.

Image via lululemon athletica | Flickr Creative CommonsThe concept of needing motivation in order to take that first step just isn’t necessary for most of us. But we do still need to get moving. So how do you actually get motivated to begin with when you already have those negative thoughts swirling in your head?

By taking action.

With many things in life, we don’t choose to desire something and then go get it. We have to be convinced that the reward is greater than the pain. The pain in this situation is telling yourself to stop the negative thoughts and to just get moving. We have to change our environment and change our actions to change our minds sometimes. I’m convinced that for most of us (at least those of us who don’t plan to run marathons, do Iron Mans, or climb mountains today) that this is the case.


Because it’s easy to get stuck in that spiral of bad thinking. What’s difficult but so worth it is to push past those few uncomfortable moments where you’re lacing up your tennis shoes, putting on your gear, and getting out the door to get moving. Those few moments of pain offer the promise that even just a few minutes in to moving more, you will get your blood pumping, endorphins releasing, and you will start to feel a high that won’t let up for even a few hours after you’ve found your way back to doing whatever you were doing before.

Those first few steps are always the toughest, but once you take them – you’ll have the motivation to continue on to finish your workout for one day. Then the next thing you know, the next day your body will be begging to move more. Even better, your mind will be prepared and ready for that next boost of endorphins. You’ll have your shoes and gear on and out the door in no time!