The Spiritual Awakening Test

According to Wiktionary (, “spiritual awakening” means:

spiritual awakening (plural spiritual awakenings)

  1. realization or inspiration about the connection with an entity or entities beyond the immediate and physical world, of “God” or other intangiblesacred spirit.

Have you had a Spiritual Awakening?

Below you’ll find 12 questions that will help you decide for yourself if you’ve had a Spiritual Awakening or a shift of your consciousness with a connection or inspiration with spirit or your Higher Power.  Please remember this is not a scientific test and is only meant for enjoyment and fun. Let’s not take ourselves too seriously. Having said that disclaimer, let’s get serious and find out if you are or not, shall we?

  1. Do you have an increased tendency to let things happen rather than make them happen?
  2. Do you have frequent attacks of smiling?
  3. Do you often have feelings of being connected with others and nature?
  4. Do you have frequent overwhelming episodes of appreciation?
  5. Do you have a tendency to think and act spontaneously rather than from fears based on past experience?
  6. Do you have an unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment?
  7. Have you lost the ability or have little interest in worry?
  8. Have you lost interest in engaging in conflict?
  9. Have you lost interest in interpreting the actions of others or labeling?
  10. Do you find yourself with a loss of interest in judging others?
  11. Do you find yourself with a loss of interest in judging yourself?
  12. Have you gained the ability to love without expecting anything in return?

If you have answered yes to 9 or more of the questions above then you probably have had a spiritual awakening.

What Do You Do After A Spiritual Awakening?

Here’s a great article from Nikky Suttons’ Website  that explains this quite beautifully, so I’ll let her explain. Here’s the first paragraph of a wonderful article she wrote on what comes next. Be sure to follow the link to her page to continue reading. – Jeffrey Smith

Spiritual awakening or experience can occur suddenly lasting a moment like it did for me or it can last for several days like it did for a dear friend of mine. It’s intense, yet pleasant. There is definitely a feeling a euphoria. The one commonality of all those I’ve discussed such experiences with is this fact. There is no longer a fear of death or dying.

In my case, I had always pondered what I would do should I ever come in contact with a Divine Presence. In fact, I had a short list of questions that I had intended to ask of God. This may sound crazy, but hey, it’s my list, my questions and inquiring minds want to know. So here’s the list of my questions;

  1. Were dinosaurs really true? Did they exist, because I was taught that scientist “faked” them and they were working for the Devil (okay, I grew up in a CULTure, that was NOT mainstream Christianity, so give me a break, okay?)
  2. If dinosaurs existed, and I think they did, then cavemen must have existed, because they have all sorts of caveman art on walls in caves. Is this true, God?
  3. If this is true, then which is true, evolution, creation, or both?
  4. Did Adam and Eve really exist, or is that just a Bible story?
  5. If Adam and Eve did exist and you did create them yourself, did they have belly buttons? (don’t laugh, it’s a legit question)

All these things were important to me. I wanted to get answers.

Well the day and time did come and I did have such an experience where I was subjected to what I would now call a “Spiritual Experience”. And in this moment, and it was literally just a moment, one minute, so just shy of a moment by 30 seconds, I experienced sheer bliss. I felt as if I was being cradled in my mothers arms. I felt intense unconditional love. I felt as if there was not a care in the world. Time stood still. There literally was NO TIME. And all those questions I had prepared? They fell away in an instant as meaningless and irrelevant in light of the fact that I was in the presence of the Divine and that nothing mattered except unconditional love. I was God Smacked with Love. There’s no other way to really put it. It was so intense I wept tears of sheer joy. And just as fast as it came over me, it was gone. Gone. That was in May of 2002. And since that day in May of 2002, all I want for Christmas is enlightenment.