Always Grateful

How Can We Be Always Grateful, Even When Tragedy Strikes?

How can we be always grateful when things go “wrong” and disaster occurs?

How can we be always grateful when things go “wrong” and disaster occurs? It’s a lot easier to be grateful when things are going great, but when something “bad” happens, what IS there to be grateful for?

Great questions for those who strive to live an always grateful life.

It’s easy to be grateful when things are going our way.

That’s usually where we first learn about gratitude, when things go well, then we are thankful and grateful for the good things that have come to us. As we expand spiritually we find our gratitude begins to include others. We are grateful for others help, their friendship, their cheery disposition and how we interact with them. It makes us feel good, hence always grateful.

But how can we be always grateful?

But how can we be always grateful? Bad things DO happen to good people. They happen to ourselves, to those close to us, friends and family and they also happen to people we hear about like those we see in the news.

To be always grateful is the epitome of being, no living the attitude of gratitude. Gratitude is love. An attitude is way of being. Combined together, the attitude of gratitude is way of being a loving, kind, spirit-centered person all the time or always grateful.

So how do we act during difficult times?

What can we do when tragedy occurs? Here’s a list of some very positive things we can do to remain always grateful.

1. Pray. It is a proven fact that prayer works. Praying for help as well as thanks for help given is a powerful tool to make things better, if not completely reverse the negative circumstances we find ourselves presented with.

2. Stay connected to God or your Higher Power. Staying in the now allows us to stay calm. If we go back to history, there is a temptation to resort to resentment. If we project the future, we can fall prey to fear. All are illusions as being in the moment, in the now, is the only way to find and stay connected to God.

3. Stay positive. What good can come from adding negativity to any situation. Stay away from fear and resentment.

4. Find something to be grateful for. Certainly the apparent “bad” event or thing that wants to pull you down is nothing to be grateful for. But what good thing has come from this? Has someone helped out. Have people come together? Has something changed so that the challenge may be averted or minimized in the future? There is always a silver lining to every rain cloud.

5. Know that “This too shall pass”. Bad things happen to everyone, including good people. Good things happen too. Keep faith that God works out the situation in the best for everyone. He does not cause or bring bad things to come upon you or others for God is love and love is unconditional. How could it be anything but?

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